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Bohemian Rhapsody. Double Speed.

if you can listen to this entire thing with a straight face i will give you a cookie


at first i was like challenge accepted but then Galileo happened


still better than every other song




You must know this exists.

So this happened…

So this happened…

My friend can turn one shitty photoshop into some pretty cool shit.

Insane Clown Posse - Leck Mich Im Arsch
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STOP what you’re FUCKING doing RIGHT NOW and listen to insane clown posse cover a Mozart song

I’ve been looking around forever for this just to see if it was legit and by fuck it sure is. Holy shit.

Anyone else ever have one of those days?

Anyone else ever have one of those days?

Selfie because fuck it why not?

Selfie because fuck it why not?

Who else continues to sit on the toilet and browse the internet even after you’re done with your business?

Maleficent, A Haiku Short Story

A dark red petal
Falling from a rose flower
Mingles with the blood

The knife was slid clean
A smiling ear to ear grin
Adorning her neck

He tries not to cry
As she chokes for her last breaths
Her gurgling shudders

He cleans the knife blade
Wipes it against her black blouse
His gloves stroke the steel

She grasps at his leg
Her eyes only asking why
As light fades away

Yes it came to this
She had done him too much wrong
He could not take it

Now she lay bleeding
Trying to crawl away now
As if there were hope

He tries not to cry
As she chokes for her last breaths
Her gurgling grows faint

Now he takes the rose
And bestows it on her head
A gift for goodbye

You’ll be beautiful
When you make it to the gates
Of shining silver

Too bad you won’t know
The great and joyful image
Of splendid Heaven

You cocksucking whore
You will see me where you go
The infernal Hell

He tries not to cry
As she chokes for her last breath
Her gurgling ceases


The barrel of the gun was cold against his temple. His finger was coiled around the trigger. His arm was shaking. It may have been fear, but mostly it was the drugs and the alcohol. He wasn’t thinking straight anymore. He was sure he overdosed. He woke up in a puddle of his own vomit and blood. His nose had been bleeding, it hadn’t done that in a long time. Crimson streams from his nose onto his cheek and down his chin had dried to a dark redish brown. It had dripped down into his lap. He didn’t even bother to wipe it off. What would be the point? It wasn’t going to bug him much longer. Soon he would be gone from this world in a flash.

Would there be Heaven, as his mom always told him? Or would he go to Hell, as his stepfather had always said? Had he amounted to anything? No. His stepfather was right. Look at him now. He didn’t even know where he was. No one did. He didn’t even know the date. This was the first time he could remember ever being conscious of his surroundings. The last while had been a drunken, drug-riddled haze. He couldn’t remember a damn thing. Where he was. Who he’d been with. Hell, who he was. Who was he? He didn’t know. He didn’t remember much. How had he got here? How did it come to this, sitting in this dark room with a gun to his head?

It was her. He remembered it was her. It always came back to her. She left him. He never knew why. Or did he not remember? He remembered that he wanted to escape the pain. What better way than painkillers? Before he knew it, he was snorting coke and shooting heroin. Shake rattle and roll all night long, never stop, do or die. He was addicted, he knew that. But the feeling he got from the blow was a hell of a lot better than how he felt the rest of the time.

So how did it come to this? Where did all of his friends go? Why was he still passed out in his own vomit? And then he realized he had no friends. Only the ones who shared his haze. They left him to his while they reveled in theirs. And the ones who shared his haze didn’t even realize anything was wrong. He was alone. All alone. And now he wanted to end it. Alone, alone, always alone. Only she had ever made him feel comfort. Now she was gone. It was cold. Dark.

Would that be it when he died? Would he still be alone? Or would there be others? No, he knew that he would be alone. He was always alone. Always. No one cared. His own parents probably didn’t know he was gone. They never cared. Why should they? He was unwanted. The only person who ever made him feel wanted was her. And now she was gone. Now he was alone. And he would always be alone. Did it have to be that way? His finger gripped the trigger tighter. He could feel his arm shaking. Did he really have to die alone, no one by his side? Would he really die alone? This wasn’t fair. It was never fair. To be alone…

He relaxed his grip on the trigger as an idea came to him. It was so simple, so brilliant that he can’t believe he never thought of it before. Maybe it was the drugs talking, but he didn’t care. It was an amazing idea. And he could make it happen. He wouldn’t die alone.

He would take some with him.

He smiled and took the gun from his head, and brought it to bear on the sleeping hazer near him. He squeezed the trigger. He knew what he must do now.

That was some bullshit psy pulled with the autism thing. Psy isn't about family anymore. We should make a big deal about this. However I don't believe it'll do any good, the fact that psy has been shady lately and now this has tested my loyalty.

I hear you loud and clear homie. However, just remember the the Psy execs doesn’t always equal ICP. I’m not even sure if they know about it or not, as I said it’s not my campaign. Still, you’re right. Where’s the love? What about the message? It’s all bullshit fam. Fuck the world, right?